Unsolicited Testimonials sent to Sinksfaucetsandmore.com.

Please note that all entries are unedited and the customers' full names and contact information have been excluded for the protection of our customers.  These emails reflect the total contributions of all our employees and not just one person.  Employee names have also been withheld...we all work together.


Thank you for letting me know. And I want you to know out of all of the people I have dealt with for purchasing the numerous things for this bathroom, you have far and away provided the best customer service and satisfaction. There don't seem to be too many of you out there. I will come back and do more business when we have a need. Right now we need to cool our spending jets as you can imagine.  Thanks again! You hunting that sink for me really really helped! Thank you, thank you! Keep up the great work and forward this on to your supervisor if you would care to.

Your Very Happy Customer,



You guys were amazing. Not just the sink. The people quality and distribution channels.

Thank you



Hi--I could not have asked for more outstanding service than what your company has provided.  Product arrived timely and in great condition.  I will probably be ordering from you again when I need bathroom items.  Thank you again, Pat


The sink is beautiful.  We are so glad we found your site on line.  We have not seen them as nice in our local stores.  Our bathroom has been remodeld an we are just thrilled with it.

 Thank you,




Yeah!   Thanks so much for your great & prompt customer service.   I'll be looking for the replacement handle early next week.



Thanks for all your help.  I really LOVE these sinks, so I appreciate you helping me out on this.  I'll be sure to recommend sinks faucets and more to others, because your customer service is AWESOME!



You’ve really gone the extra mile! Thanks so much for all the digging and interest in our quest for a suitable sink.

You have been so kind to try to work this deal and we are grateful. We will certainly look to you if another project develops that could use your expertise and kind support. Of course, we will recommend to our friends that we have an excellent reference for their needs too.

Thanks very much for all you have done.




It is beautiful and very well made.  I was apprehensive as it is a fairly inexpensive piece, as far as vanities go, but it looks expensive and the drawers are very sturdy. The granite has a nice shaped detail in front that I didn't see in the photo.  My plumber and contractor are here today, and they were impressed.

I really appreciate your help and excellent customer service for what must be a small purchase in your business.  I won't hesitate to tell my friends, and I hope to work with you in the future.




Wonderful - thank you so much for your help. Your company has the BEST customer service - much appreciated!


Hi, with all of the holiday commotion I never got to let you know that the replacement sink is perfect! Thank you so much for your wonderful and responsive customer service. We will use your company again and recommend you to our friends doing renovations. Happy new year. 




Everything went perfectly.  You promised it would, and it did.  (Employee name) was very nice to deal with and we will be very happy to do business with your company again.  I will enthusiastically recommend S, F, and M to my friends and colleagues.  Well done!  

Thanks again,


(Missing a year of comments - sorry)


Dear (Employee) of Sinks, faucets, and more:
     Thank you for  the very quick service.  I received the sink 4 days ago in perfect condition.   I am very pleased with the appearance, as it is hard to determine the quality with internet pictures.  From start to finish your company has been professional, answering all my queries, and acting promptly  -- yes promptly.   Very impressive!
     I wish other internet companies would follow your lead.  If there is another occasion, I will order from you again.
Best of success with your company,


Thanks you for the unbelievable shipping service.  I received the faucet by 1:30 the next afternoon.....we were amazed!!  You will be getting many reccomendations by us.  Wish we had ordered all our plumbing from you and bypassed our inefficient plumber and his poor supplier.
Thanks again, (Employee).  Karen


Just to say we received with thanks. Now need to find a plumber to install!!

We have recommended your company widely!

All the best


(this customer is in IRELAND)


We received the replacement vanity yesterday --- it looks great.  Everything appears to be fine.  I even took pictures of every stage of the unpacking!!
Thank you so much for correcting the problem so quickly.  You guys were awesome.
Mike and Toni


I am very impressed by the service provided by you and (employee).  I would like to give your company another opportunity.  I had seen this product as well.  I do have a few questions regarding the product.  I will contact you in the morning to clarify some of my questions.  

I really appreciate your help. Thank you, Ann


     Thanks for the information.  We appreciate all that you are doing to help us get our bathroom finished. It is amazing how the room keeps changing, it is going to be much different than what we originally set out to make it. But that seems to be our trend here. Also, we feel you have been reasonable with your pricing too.  The reason we have been dealing with you/ your company is because of your help and reasonable pricing.
    As for the sink, my eye keeps going to the sink with the pointed edges. It just stands out more to me. So we are going to pick that sink. I have already come to the idea that I will need to make a small step stool that will fit under the cabinet for the kids to use.
    I have the glass sink back in its original box and it is ready to ship back. Just let me know how you would like it sent back and any information that needs to be put on the shipping label. Let me know if you need any information for the additional cost of the new sink.
    I have also attached two pictures of the marble counter because you stated that you could try to match up the sink to the counter.


I received my vanity and granite top, and the plumbers started to install it today. It is very beautiful, well made, and the stone top was the perfect color/pattern for the tile in my bath.  

The plumbers referred to the vanity as a well made Chinese puzzle! They were particularly impressed that the extender would accommodate a 7 foot tall person if necessary!  

My special thanks to you (Employee) for all the help you gave me on the order.



we can't thank you enough for your help in expediting the sink we needed. It just arrived and it's just barely lunch time. Your awesome thanks again to you and all that made it happen. have a great day!



(Employee) just wanted to tell you as I begin to peak at the unfolding of the fixtures, I am so thrilled and absolutely love everything.  The vanity for my bath is so perfect I can't begin to thank you for making that suggestion.  I'm hoping I can do the dressing table if I have enough room.  The kitchen sink is to die for.  Unbelievable! Hope you can tell how excited I am. You have to come see this sometime.  My bath - all glass tile - incredible.  The fixtures really top it off.
If and when you cone to visit your Mom, put me on your list - please.  Anyway, I'll be in touch.  Hope Steve is doing what he needs to. Know he told you he met your Mom briefly.  Phil and Steve played golf and went to the club house for drinks afterwards.  I saw your Mom in the dining room and she went out to say hi to Phil, not knowing who Steve was.  Our world keeps getting smaller and smaller.
Hope your home is nearing completion.


you are an angel.  Thanks for understanding and all your efforts in getting this done.  I'll be in touch next week. 



Thanks for all of you help.  i appreciated your prompt call back & the info on the drains. Please pass this msg. on to "The Powers That Be" that you went above & beyond the call of duty.

Thanks again.



Thank you (Employee), and I hope (I am figuring, your mother will be in peace). You have been a joy to work with. We look forward to figuring out what this "potentially incredible" bathroom will have to offer us.

Good Luck and please take care.



You were right about the shipment.  I received my new sink in two days!  It is now installed and looks great.  Thank you so much for your help and it was a pleasure talking to you.  I wish all customer service personnel were like you.

Happy Holidays,


,(Employee) you guys are great! I'll definitely be ordering more from you!
Best Regards,



As a homeowner, I have had the pleasure of working with (Employee)  and staff at Sinks, Faucets and More for the past year. (Employee) has been

creative and resourceful in helping design my 700 square foot his/hers bathrooms. (Employee) has years of experience in the bath/kitchen business and has many connections to help bring the latest industry knowledge to each remodel project. She can successfully develop plans to coordinate the use of color, fixtures, finishes, tile and room layouts, and implement them. And just as important as her design skills, (Employee)'s "get the job done right" approach to business proved invaluable time after time.

Everybody who has seen my bathrooms have been very impressed with their beauty and uniqueness. What they don't see however is that like most construction projects, there are always problems along the way. And this is where (Employee) really excelled. She has been steadfast throughout my entire construction project and quick to respond to my random questions.

Her expert service saw that I received everything in perfect condition and as ordered even when manufactures sent incorrect, incomplete or damaged products. (Employee) made it seamless and easy for me to return or exchange items and took care of every detail to my complete satisfaction.

It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for (Employee) and staff without reservation. Her drive and abilities will truly be an asset to any project. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Dear (employee):

I wanted to write to you regarding the plumbing fixtures which I purchased from your company for the new home that my wife and I have just completed.  As you know, this home is intended to be the last home that my wife and I ever move into.  My career has taken us all over the country and we had decided that we needed to put down roots somewhere.  After a long search we decided on property in North Carolina and began working with an architect to design the house of our dreams.  Our tastes in architecture run to the very modern and thus the house we designed is quite unique.  The fixtures and appliances for this house needed to fit within this unique and modern design framework as well.   We looked everywhere for plumbing fixtures that would meet our design sense as well as the budget for this project with very little success until we came across the website maintained by your business.

When I called to inquire about pricing and availability of certain fixtures, I was very pleasantly surprised by the knowledge and familiarity your staff had with the merchandise.  In addition, the level of customer service was outstanding; your staff returned calls promptly and called back with information when they said they would.   This in itself convinced me to do business with your company and we decided to purchase all of the plumbing fixtures for the house, including the custom shower components, from your firm.  But as you know, the project stretched out in time and I didn’t place an order for more than 9 months as the project became delayed.  When I called back to get final pricing on all of the fixtures I assumed that I would need to start the process over with the entire order.  I was amazed and delighted to learn that my file was still available and all of the specifications were still there.  You and your staff worked with us on every detail, from the design of the shower to assuring that we had the correct height for the vessel faucets, and it was always quick, easy and painless.  This experience really epitomized what customer service should be today. 

The ordering process was just as easy.  All of the items arrived when they were promised and arrived intact, including that amazing bathtub!   Out of all of the suppliers providing materials for this project, Baths by Design is the only one that delivered on-time, in budget and with no surprises.  The after-the-sale service has also been impeccable.  When my wife decided that she didn’t like the sinks for the guest bathroom you worked with her to find replacements she liked.  When one of the rather expensive European faucets in the Master bath turned out to be defective, you replaced it immediately – even shipping the replacement faucet to us via overnight delivery.  My plumber was shocked when I called him the next day to tell him that I had the replacement for him to install.

The experience of working with Baths by Design, your staff and yourself has been one of the best we have ever had when making a large purchase.  Your attention to detail, product value and customer service have been outstanding.  I have given your name, and that of your business, to a total stranger that I happened to overhear in a restaurant complaining about how difficult it was to find high quality, reasonably priced plumbing fixtures for their home renovation project.  My plumber asked me for your name and contact information because he was so impressed with your service.  Thank you for making this purchase so easy and on top of it all, we have received WOW comments on the uniqueness of the plumbing fixtures from everyone that has seen the house.  Please thank your staff that assisted us as well, and share my letter with them so they can see how the great level of customer service they provide really is important to your customers.  Also, I would be delighted if I could assist you in any way as a reference for your business.








Hi (employee name),

We’re very happy with the sink.  And we’re even happier with the service and efforts you’ve made on our behalf.  I’ve already started recommending Sinks Faucets and More to everyone who will listen.  We’ll be delighted to receive the $300 credit.  This will cover the two visits by our plumber and the carpentry on the cabinet done by our electrician.

Thanks so much!


(employee name),

This is terrific.  Thank you so very much.  I will forward this on to my realtor.  Hopefully I will get an OK from the builder and plumber so I can place my order, specifically for the vessel sink and faucet.  These 2 items need to be ordered asap so that the granite can be customized with the appropriate hole.  I will be in touch soon.  You're the best.



Good morning to you, (employee name)!

That's great news about the tub! I can't tell you how delighted I am that you have taken such good care of my project - from the beginning to now I couldn't be happier! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! I'm eager to send you photos - that bathrooms and dressing rooms are so beautiful - like something out of a movie!!
Best wishes,


(employee name) –

Thank-you so much for your help and quick response to my random questions! (employee name) You made this process so simple.  I’ll definitely be back to your website to look for accessories to complete our home.  Your help and friendly conversation truly made my experience enjoyable – if that’s even possible when discussing plumbing parts (employee name).

Thanks again,






Hi (employee name)

Thanks for all your time the other day, it was great talking to a person who

enjoys their job and loves serviceing the customer.



I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the level of

customer service you have given us. Everyone we have spoken to from your

company has been more than helpful and has gone above and beyond the call of

duty to make sure that our purchase is satisfactory. Thank you again for

your courtesy, help and cooperation.

Bill and Pat


You're a sweetheart. You were kind, attentive and helpful. Thanks for your help. Have lot's more to order so I will make sure it all goes thru you and your company.
Good service & help means a lot.
God bless & thanks again.


(employee name),

Your message received and I was able to print the UPS label.  I will do as asked and let you know when the shipment has been sent.  Thank you so much for this service.  It is astounding in today's era of waning customer service.  You and your company have given me faith that it is not a lost art.
Best regards,


Thanks so much for your prompt service!



(employee name):

Again, thank you for the way that you have handled all this.  Your professional, up-front manner has been like a breath of fresh air in the drama of getting our bathroom finished.

I have attached the photo of the toilet that you asked for.  I hope to send a picture of the finished bathroom soon enough.

Thanks again for everything,



(employee name),

Yes the second has arrived. Thank you so much for the excellent service! What a great company with great customer care!!



(employee name),

Wow!  I thought customer service like this died out a long time ago!  Let your boss know I think you deserve a raise.  Unless of course you are the boss -- in which case approve it yourself :)  Thanks again!


Thanks (employee name).  You are so efficient.  Shopping through you is made so convenient.



Thanks again for all your help - you have been great -

lets hope this works



Dear (employee name),

Thank you.I certainly appreciated your help with this order. The

pleasure was mine as well. I really enjoyed our conversations!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a great new year!



hi (employee name)!

thank you for all your help with this!  i truly appreciate your keeping on top of it and always being there to help!  it made our experience with your company very enjoyable and we will be sure to recommend you and to visit your site again soon!
have a wonderful holiday...i'm sure it will be plenty busy!


Excellent! Thank you very much for your amazing customer service!! Tomorrow is the sink top AND the pedestal sink (sink and base)...only thing left within 2 weeks is the vanity. Sounds good! 

Kindest regards,


(employee name),

Received the faucet today.  Thank you!!!!!   pleasure doing business with you. Looking forward on doing more in the future.
Thanks again (employee name)!!


Hi (employee name)...sorry for the mixup.  Unbelievably, I just got a call from UPS and they are coming here on Friday.  If only everything I ordered was this easy!!!


Thank you (employee name).  Thank you for the customer service. Sorry I ordered the wrong size faucet... I REALLY like the sink, though. I hope to send you a picture of my bathroom soon.


Ok, let's go with the alternate in chrome. Thanks for the update. We just purchased a vanity item from you and I'm really pleased with your customer service!  Thanks, Pat


Thank you very much for your speedy reply to our problem.  We received our showerhead and are very pleased with your customer service.  Once again we will be using your website again because of your response to our issue.  Charles


Thanks so much! I appreciate all your help.

It is great to work with a company that has such competent employees.


(employee name),
Many thanks for super service!


Dear (employee name),  

Thanks for your note below.  I don’t want to cancel the order.  As long as it goes out on Monday and someone there agrees to track it until it is delivered we will be satisfied.  I do appreciate all of your help, and the experience has not soured our feeling about your company.  Good customer service is hard to come by these days and you have done an excellent job representing your company.




(employee name),

Just wanted to let you know we have received everything, vanity, mirror,

marble top, sink, faucet, sun drain-everything arrived safely. In fact, the

way some of the products were packed I felt like I was opening up a

Christmas present.

Project is going nicely. Now that vanity is in I do have to choose a new

color for the tile but that is no big deal.

Jim & I want too thank you again for the wonderful service that we received.

Thanks again.



You have a fantastic web site and the largest selection of bathroom supplies I have seen on the internet!


hi (employee name)

i just want to thank you again for all your help.

i most certainly will come back to your store for future needs

thanks again



(employee name),
The sink came today and it is great!. THANK you so much for helping.  It was a pleasure dealing with your company and be sure we will be back for our next bathroom.  Please also thank (employee name) for her help also.


(employee name),

The vanities came yesterday as promised and we love them.  I can’t believe how well packed they were!  I wanted to thank you for all your help, but particularly for the rapid shipping once they were received.  I was not really expecting that.  I would definitely order from you again – in fact I probably will quite soon!

Thanks again,



(employee name),

You've been a great help.  My wife and I appreciate your exceptional customer service.  No worries about the chrome faucet.  It will be sent when we get it.

Thanks again,



Great news! Thanks for letting me know. Honestly, your service has

been amazingly great. Thanks again. N.


(employee name),
 Wow, that is great! We look forward to getting everything. Thanks for your attentive service!


Great... can not tell you how nice it is to deal with someone that takes care of things promptly. This was our first order with your company, I will be buying much more often now. Thanks Again, will look for tracking number.



 Again- out of all of the companies I've had to deal with your company (your service) is great.  Thanks- Linda


Just wanted to let you know that We had great service from (employee name).

He was extremely helpful and went overboard to find us a faucet that we

liked and could afford. Keep up the great work.



Hi (employee name),

Thank you so much for your prompt follow through on this matter.  We look forward to dealing with your company in the futher.



(employee name),
I can not express my thanks to you enough. You are the kind of employee that is very rare. Dedicated to the customer. Your employer is very lucky to have you on staff. THANKS.


Thanks for the excellent customer service!
I won't forget it.


Hi (employee name),
The vanity looks GREAT.  Thank you for your great service.


Thank you very much for the information, I appreciate your efficiency !!
Have a good break



Thanks (employee name), I like your site and the fact that you have prices right up front. Your free shipping and good pricing on the sink is what convinced me to buy from you instead of other online companies. 



(employee name),

I have never seen this level of service from an online retailer.

Thank you

I will follow your advice.

I will let you know when I have the shipment




Thank you so much, your great...have a great weekend. Rudi


Hello (employee name),

We received the order. I was actually surprised at how

fast this order was processed and delivered. thank you

very much.

I installed the lock in our front door and we are very

happy with it. it was exactly what we needed.

Thank (employee name) for me please. he was very helpfull

explaining the lock function and making a


the price was very good too.

Thank you, I look forward doing business with you guys

in the future,



Please thank (employee name) for ALL her patience and help.  I know it wasn't easy finding this sink and she really went above and beyond to help us.  

Thank you,


Great.. You have been great to deal with.. I wish all of my customer service experiences were as pleasant as you!

Thanks for keeping me posted..


I really appreciate your excellent customer service.  I certainly won't hesitate to use your company again.  Have a great day.  -Patti


Thanks for your excellent customer service and keeping me updated!  You are a true professional!!!! 



Everything looks beautiful and operates well. 
 Thanks for your help and service when the first order came incorrectly.
 I'm recommending you to others in my area.


You're great~!  Thanks you so much for making that so easy. My client will love you for it!


Hi (employee name),

Everything has arrived…thank you so much!! 
We will definitely recommend your company to our friends & family. 

You have been really wonderful to work with!




(employee name),

Thanks for your quick response, what fantastic customer service.

The faucet is boxed up and ready to go. I have kept the extension kit per your recommendation. I will be happy to inspecet the new package when UPS delivers if they ring the door bell, unfortunately they usually do not they simple leave the package on the front porch.  I work out of my home so we are generally here.




I am sorry but I disposed of the defective faucet.  It's a shame that the manufacturer does not take the view of customer service that you do.  Them sending out a incomplete, opened and defective product is just wrong.  Without your companies help I  would have been up the creek without a paddle so to speak.
The faucet is in a very low traffic washroom so hopefully I will have no problems with it.
I do plan the purchase of a few more products in the very near future as I have a master bath that needs to more faucets and a shower and tub handle.  It is your great customer service and real desire to please that will bring me back to you.
Sorry I got rid of the useless parts to the old faucet...


I want you to know that (employee name) did a great job after you had to leave. More customer service departments should have the qualities that (employee name) displayed. He worked with me until we found just the right faucet. Kudos to (employee name) you have a great employee. Thanks Jim 


It was a pleasure doing business with you. Albeit without the sink, but nevertheless a professional kudos. I ordered the sink from Lowes. They should have it to us by Friday. I did have to pay full price, plus tax. Bummer. Thanks for all your honesty and good business practices. Best to you all.



I just wanted to thank you for your help in purchasing the Moen Kingsley faucet. I was apprehensive about spending that much money on a faucet that I couldn't see in person, but you assured me that I'd be happy with my choice. The installation is now complete and you were correct. The faucet is beautiful and I can see why it's a number one seller for vessel sinks. I've attached a picture of the completed project. Thank you again for your friendly and helpful service. I will definitely contact you again for my home project needs.

Best Regards,

Rebecca (Becky)


I am incredibly grateful to you for this courtesy.  This is outstanding service and I would be happy to recommend your website to anyone at any time.
Please convey my thanks to whomever you deem appropriate.


Thank you for your excellent customer service. I appreciate your telephone call and interest in my project. Of all the manufacturers and suppliers contacted, you are the only one who replied. Although my budget is limited and my project is in the planning phase, I will surely recommend you to my cousin, she married a developer who owns a construction company. I expect to see her in March or April. You can be certain I will share my planning folder with her.I believe I will order Anne at Home natucial designs for dining room furnishings and for kitchen cabinets. Any Asian styles would be appreciated for bath and bedrooms. When the time comes I will order from you.

Thank you in advance for your time and courtesy.




Both my wife and I have had the opportunity to speak with you on at least 3 occasions and I can tell you that one of the reasons that we chose to purchase on-line products from your company is because of your professionalism and your pleasant nature.

Thank you again and best regards,



Thank you for the prompt and courteous reply.  This is the best example of customer service I've seen in months of sourcing products on line for my project...(shortened)




I just received the faucet.  Working with your firm has been great.  I will keep your web page and information handy for the 2 major bathroom redo's will have planned (yes, we are planning these as opposed to this one that I caused) for the future.  Your service was exemplary and very helpful.
thanks again.


I just love what you have done. The tub area is fantastic. I will have to get with my contractor on that and have a meeting with him to work it all out.
Where do we go from here? I will need pricing of course on what you are able to get for me. And also to make selections.
Do you have sinks that you think would work well with what you have done. I really loved the Lulu but I do not think the edges are round as you suggest.
Help me out here.
You are really an artist and have arranged that bathroom so comfortably and sensibly. All the details...I am honestly blown away.


Thank you so very much for the update i really appreacite you keeping on top of this for me. Things happen i understand, if you would overnight it once it is received I would appreacite it.

Thanks again for the update and i really apreacite you offering the overnight shipping.

Thanks again for the quick resposne and great service.



(employee name),

Thanks so much for your professionalism, I would recommend your company to others ,and look forward to making future purchases with you guys! Have a great day! Jen


SUCCESS!!!!  We received the new sink and it was perfect!  Thank you so much for your assistance in this process.  I'm not burned out on the sink business at all, in fact, I tell everyone about the "Sinks, Faucets and More" website and that they're crazy to buy locally and pay the high taxes we have to pay in this state.  The free shipping is the real kicker and I really stress that.  Do you know that most people who will say to me "but you have to pay for all of that shipping!", don't realize, until I tell them, that they have to pay shipping for everything they buy.  Isn't that amazing?!  How some people get by in this world . . . . . . . .oh well.
Thanks again for all that you did for us, (employee name).  I hope the company you work for appreciates you as much as I do.  You're a keeper!


Wonderful site! Best one I"ve found. What is your delivery time like if a vanity is in stock?

Thank you for the feedback! Lauri


excellent customer service compared to your competitor home annex ... will review products when at home .. many thanks again

Best regards,



I'm impressed by your customer service and prompt shipment.




Got the hardware a few days ago, thanks very much. You're a good person to do business with.


OK--thank you so much!!! You have been a real pleasure to deal with.  Excellent Service!


Would you mind just refunding the difference?  I don't have any additional needs at this time.  I can tell you, however, that you have been absolutely wonderful to deal with and I will be shopping on your site in the near future for sure!

Thank you again!




We found one!...

Thanks for trying so hard...

I plan on using you for some other stuff in the very near future... Please let me know when the granite ships...

Thank you again,



Thanks again. but we ordered one the other day.  You sure are a hard worker, I wish I had you working for me.



Received both in perfect order and am very pleased.

Thanks for the expeditious delivery.

Will be shopping again,



Thank you for your help with the return and re-ordering of our mirrors. The service you provided was outstanding. As we always have remodeling issues, we hope to work with your company again in the future.

The (Last Name withheld)